Consistency lacks strategy, here's what to do instead.

I switched my business model to do less and make more. A workaholic by nature, I was addicted to launching products and services back to back all the damn time. It was exhausting. I was great at being consistent, but my consistency lacked strategy. Once I launched a product or a course, I was off to create a new one without letting that original product run it's course. I was on a hamster wheel of creating new things for the same customers, instead of finding new customers for all of my offerings. So I capped my income, because I limited my reach. 

Here's the thing, I thought I was giving my audience options, but what I was doing was confusing them. People didn't know what to buy, because there was too much to choose from (like the Cheesecake Factory menu). Too many options turned into obstacles, and instead of getting me sales, it watered down my brand. So in December, I wrote my marketing strategy for the year and eliminated everything. It all had to go, and I created 2 services to build my legacy on: my Hobby to Business program and The Profit Process™ marketing intensive. 

Where did my signature Profit Process™ service come from? Let’s walk down memory lane right quick. 

In 2011, I started blogging as a way to build my writing portfolio. The sole purpose was to showcase what I knew so that I could land a job. Not only did it get me a job, I got a client and my business was born.

I became an entrepreneur by accident and fell into a vicious cycle of trying to replicate the success I saw online and failing. I launched courses, did teleconferences (webinars weren’t popping back then), and did “consulting,” but I never made any real money. I was breaking even, if that, because I was constantly buying tools, software, and courses I didn't need.

I half-assed and paused my business multiple times, because I just couldn’t make any meaningful money. I got pissed off and needed to figure out the root of the problem. I didn’t lack drive, ideas, dreams or work ethic, but like many of you, I was caught up in the “right way” and not the profitable way. 

I was caught up in being consistent and being a content-creating machine, but not a profit-generating one. Bloop! Does that sound like you? Killing yourself to blog and go live consistently but then nothing happens to your sales? I thought that if I did things "the right way" and built all this amazing free content, the customers and clients would come. Well, I played myself. The free content I was consistently putting out, kept people comfortable and distracted. Since I wasn't creating content strategically as part of a larger marketing plan, I was just feeding people content for fun and games. I wanted to position myself as an expert, which I did, but I lacked the sales process to turn that expertise into customers. I didn't want people to just listen to me, I wanted them to pay me. 

The real problem, that most of us realize too late, is that consistency isn’t a business model. It’s not enough to show up everyday and be valuable.

What we all need is a strategy and system that generates revenue. It should guide us so we prioritize things that make us money and eliminate everything that doesn’t. That way, we aren’t burnt out, broke and ready to give up. 

You may not know this about me, but before I went full-time in my business, I was a marketing automation specialist. My job was to deliver customers for my employer on autopilot. I took what I knew about sales and conversions, and what I had learned from other successful entrepreneurs, and created The Profit Process™, a method to make more while doing less. I got inconsistent and stopped blogging weekly and posting on Instagram daily. Instead, I focused my energy on my sales funnel.

My focus was to restructure my business so all my free content got me paying customers - and if it wasn't getting me customers, I wasn't going to do it. 

This is the same framework I’ve built my business upon AND taught to all of my clients. It gets results. The Profit Process™ is what gives me the security to make money in my business every month, even if I don't post on Instagram or write a blog post ever again. It's a system that you set up once, and it keeps working for you month after month. 

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If you’ve ever wanted to take marketing off your to-do list and get off the content creation hamster wheel, this is for you.

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