7 Tricks to Building a Memorable Online Brand


1.Build a Great SiteA memorable online brand needs a great website. A visitor needs to have a fantastic experience on your site in order for them to remember you, otherwise they’ll quickly leave your site and go to find your competitor. Not only should your site have a nice design that’s easy on the eye, it should also focus on user experience in the form of simple navigation and easy to find important information. Contact this Melbourne digital agency for help!

2.Write a Blog to Share Your Expertise Blogging can be beneficial for everybody; the second you begin writing useful blogs that share your expertise, you’ll instantly become more memorable in the minds of your readers. If you’re consistent with your posting schedule, you may even find that you become known as an authority in your industry.

3.Use Social Media Effectively Social media has so many users, you’d be silly not to get involved. Work out where your target audience are most likely to be and focus on those platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another platform. Be mindful of what you post and at the times you post, and try to engage with your followers/likers effectively, rather than just sell your product/service to them. Use social media to answer questions and comments in a timely manner, host competitions, and more!

4. Create a Memorable Slogan Nike has ‘just do it’ and McDonald's has ‘I’m lovin’ it’. If you were to hear these slogans while you were anywhere in the world, you’d know that it was those two brands, regardless of whether their actual brand name was mentioned or not. Ideally, you should create a slogan that’s just as memorable!

5. Develop a Unique Brand Personality A unique brand personality is essential, whether you’re flirty like Frank or matey like Fosters. You need to project this personality through your site, social media platforms, blog - everywhere! It isn’t all about being straight laced and corporate anymore. Think of a unique brand personality and stick to it.

6. Know Your Audience Who is that you’re addressing? Discovering your ideal customer is one of the most important steps if you want a memorable online brand. Everything you do, you should have your target audience in mind. You can always widen your net later if you want to!

7. Write Your Story Now you can write a message your target audience will resonate with, and use your unique brand personality to communicate it. Have your goal in mind and for every marketing campaign you create, think of the story you’d like to tell. How will your product or service make people happy, entertain them, or solve their problems? Allow your brand personality to shine through here!

The above points will help you to stay in the forefront of the minds of your customers. Make sure you’re consistent and one day you may find yourself up there with the likes of McDonalds and Coca Cola!