Your Brand Needs a Manifesto


As an entrepreneur, I am always finding new ways to spice up my copy, improve my processes and get clearer on my tone and authentic voice. You would be surprised at how hard it is to write like you speak and have your personality shine through on a website and marketing materials. It's nearly impossible if you aren't deliberate ever.single.day. Luckily, I have stumbled upon Melissa Cassera, whose free challenges and blogs have helped me solve some of my most difficult business challenges. This week, I am doing a challenge called Obsessed: "The 5-day class that teaches you how to become the ultimate business addiction —with an audience of raging fans who crave you... need you... breathe you... and will pay anything to have you." The first lesson was about creating a manifesto and creating a lifestyle for your business. So I figured I share the wealth; this is important for everyone's brand, not only businesses. Sharing your mission statement and what you stand for is not only empowering, but quite fun. Take a look at my manifesto below and take a stab at writing your own. Branding Muse Manifiesto

The Branding Muse Manifesto

You deserve to find your dream job and get paid for your passion.

I can’t help but yell, YAAAAS when a client becomes clear on their personal brand or feels ready to run the (digital) world and carve out a space uniquely their own.

In our world, netwerking is essential and laughing is always a good idea, because ain’t nobody got time for boredom.

Going with the flow is overrated and waiting for blessings is a definite NO.

Accomplishments happen when you make decisions and hustle.

Striving to be worth knowing for the right reason is a must, besides, what does Beyonce have that you don’t?


Empower yourself to leave a legacy that will overshadow even Kim Kardashian.

Have people in your industry look to you in the same way we all look to Oprah for wisdom-like she knows our life.

Be witty, get sassy, embrace purpose, speak your mind and get drunk in (career) love.