3 Reasons To Get Your Social Media Together Before You Launch a Brand

Why are you waiting until you launch your blog, brand, or business to grow your social media following? Wouldn't it be more productive to grow your social media following as you finalize whatever you’re working on, so that when you do launch you aren’t launching to crickets? It's a lot easier to grow and scale a new venture when you have a built-in audience ready and willing to listen. And you can build that audience with your personal brand. You can start building trust by focusing on adding value even without something to sell. You need to humanize before you monetize. People buy from people they trust - people, not anonymous brands. Your job is to build that trust by telling your story and communicating your expertise.

@@You need to humanize before you monetize. Here’s the simple way to do that:@@

3 Reasons to Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is flexible.

The main reason you should build your personal brand before a business or professional brand (aside from me telling you too) is because your personal brand you can take with you. What I mean is, regardless of how you change and grow your ideas around your career and business, your personal brand will remain consistent. What you're passionate about in that particular moment may change, but your community will continue to grow with you regardless of whatever venture you launch. For example, you may have started out thinking about launching a public relations business. You may be a rockstar publicist and build a great community on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook of raving publicist fans that follow your business handles. The problem is, that you might change your mind and want to dive into digital marketing or business coaching, or you might want to change the name of your brand. Now, you need to find a way to transfer all of those fans and followers from one professional handle that's going to die out to another. If you had been diligent about building your own personal brand and had collected those followers on your own personal channels, how you change your mind, how your business grows and scales, it all wouldn't matter.

Creating social media content is great practice for real content.

Reason 2 why you need to build your personal social media channels before a business? It's easiest to maintain. While I have said this before, consistency is not the end all, be all to success. Being consistent isn’t what will make you successful - being consistently valuable will. However, consistency is a big part of growing and building a brand. We all know that you need to produce consistent and valuable information and content in order to win in the online space. And guess what, if you cannot have the consistency and the discipline to build your social media channels one tweet and Instagram post at a time, what makes you think they will have the discipline to grow a full blown blog or business? Your social media channels are a great way to test how passionate you actually are about whatever it is that you're interested in starting.

You can better serve your audience.

You can also test the kind of content that people like when you focus on your personal brand and social media channels first. For example, you can see if they will respond to an interesting or informative post. Try sharing a quote and see the response you get. Try sharing an article from Buzzfeed. You can also try to share some tips around whatever topic you want to be building a business around. Are people actually responding anything in particular?Social media is perfect built in test pool for all of your ideas. Do not take it for granted.

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Social media channels train you to be authentic and valuable upfront. A lot of times, we jump into our blogs and businesses without being sure what your readers or customers really want. It’s a shot in the dark. By building a social media following and collecting valuable information from your community, you'll have a competitive advantage over those who start later. You will be able to serve your audience in a much better capacity, because you will already know what works for them and what they respond to. You don’t have to figure it out along the way.  If you're interested in step-by-step guidance to build your social media channels and personal brand, I definitely encourage you to check out my best-selling 30 day program and personal branding planner in the Beginner Branding Bundle.


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