Why Successful Entrepreneurs + Freelancers Invest in Conferences


You have heard the saying your network is your networth, right? Have you ever stopped to think how intentional you are about building your network? I listened to my friend Raevyn Jones' periscope on how to attract premium high-paying clients. (I keep trying to tell y’all about this periscope thing, but I digress.) As she was talking, a light bulb went off. If you continue to try to build your network at the free local events, you're not going to meet people willing to purchase from you. Duh! Right?  Why hadn't I thought about it before? I’ve been there. Whether I’ve spoken at or attended a free or low-cost event, I’ve found that generating new business and leads from these kinds of events is hard. Perhaps they aren’t looking to invest in anything at this time because of budget, or they just don’t know what they need. Nonetheless, if you want to make money, you need to go where the right leads are. And by the right leads, I mean people who are crystal clear on what they need to accomplish to be successful and where the gaps that hinder them are. Successful entrepreneurs and freelancers attend conferences, and often expensive ones at that, because that’s where their target market is.

@@To get people to invest in you, they must first be willing to invest in themselves.@@

Think about it. Conferences like SHE Summit and Entrepreneur 360 cost a few hundred dollars. That means, that the attendees value themselves enough to pay top dollar for their personal and professional development. This also means that they have a goal and they have a budget. They wouldn’t be at there if they had it all figured out. So why not take advantage of building connections with people who may become clients in the future? $1000 may seem like a lot to spend on a few days, but if you network properly, the return on investment will be much greater. Here are some conferences to keep on your radar for 2016. Pin it so you don't forget.

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@@ Stop looking for your next client at free events. This is where you’ll find them. @@