Becoming An Influencer on Campus

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We are so excited to have partnered with Chloe and Isabel for the personal development workshop: How to Be an Influencer On Campus. Welcome Chloe & Isabel Campus Merchandisers to The Branding Muse community! Below are some of the gems we shared during tonight's livestream.

On why personal branding is important:

It is important for the job search and to attract opportunities. The number one mistake that college students make is waiting until the spring semester of their senior year to get their act together and start creating an online presence that matters. They fail to utilize their connections and resources to become student leaders both online and offline, and that's really what employers look for. They want to hire someone who will add value and be a great representation of their organization.

Top tips for college students and young professionals who are building their personal brands online

Set a goal and work backwards. You have to think about what you want to accomplish during your time in college and once you leave. If you want to enter the fashion world after graduation for example, what are doing right now online that shows that you are an expert in that industry? One way to begin is with a blog or website.

Create a website/blog site that serves as your online hub. Here you will blog twice a month, share insights on what you have learned about your industry and showcase your writing skills. Consider yourself a campus reporter and attend events and workshops that relate to your areas of interest and live tweet from them. Afterwards, write a recap on your blog about it. You should use this as a digital resume and portfolio. I have a ebook available on my website outlining what a personal website should contain. Check it out!

In addition to your site, social media is a great way to create connections and share your expertise. You can do this with the LEAD theory: Listen, Engage, Acknowledge, Deliver

Listen - become an expert by monitoring everything in your industry. You can set up a Hootsuite account to monitor twitter lists, influencers and publications that share industry news.

Engage - use social media as a tool for relationship building. Nurture and grow your connections each day. It can be as simple as participating in Twitter chats or saying hello to your new followers.

Acknowledge - take online connections offline. By acknowledging those who mention you or even saying hello to someone new that you follow, you can start to build a rapport and eventually take that online connection offline.

Deliver - the creation of content is what will get you noticed on campus and in your career. You want to write blog posts, create newsletters, give presentations on campus, or write for your campus newspaper or magazine. These show people how you think and allow you to showcase your expertise.

On why it’s so important for us to build our in-person brand as well:

It’s about who you know and who knows you, and there is no one who can be successful hiding behind a screen. You have to nurture relationships and the way to do that is meeting in person or through a video conference. You must be genuine, authentic and relatable. These are the keys to building relationships and it is harder to portray that online. You want to make sure you get in front of people and let your personality shine through.

3 actionable steps for becoming an influencer on campus both on and offline

1. Create a website and newsletter and publish content at least twice a month

2. Become involved in a campus publication or sit on the executive board of a highly visible student organization.

3. Develop your executive presence by giving presentations on campus and sitting on panels for student organizations.

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