Why You Need To Get Your Appearance Together + How

Ok sis, we can sit here and pretend that you don't care about your belly, the cellulite, the weight gain, your oily skin, your acne, or them acne scars. But you know you do. If someone gave you the opportunity to have perfect skin or the body you dreamed of, you would take it in a heartbeat. You know what your problem is? The same problem that we all have in every area of life: consistency and impatience. 

If you give your brand, your fitness, your skincare routine, or anything else for that matter, a solid 90-day commitment, you would be surprised at what you can accomplish. But you're already half-assing it by day 9, so day 90 never comes. 

Now, y'all know that I am all about business and this post is no different. Your lack of f*ks around your appearance is hurting you. Here's why: Your personal brand is built off visuals and value. How you look determines how you are perceived; it's called a first impression. And if you're looking and feeling a hot mess, you won't be impressing very many people. Think about the women that you adore and look up to. What do you admire about them? Usually, it's their lifestyle. They're beautiful, successful, happy, confident and just doing the damn thing. Yet you're still scared to say what you really mean in your Instagram captions and secretly care very much about what people think. You second guess yourself often and overthink almost everything. 

If you've been telling yourself that looks don't matter, you've been saying that to avoid having to commit to improving. But they do matter. You don't go live on Instagram or Facebook because you aren't beat or have flawless skin and feel insecure about being that close to the camera. You don't want to shoot YouTube videos or your headshots until you lose those last few pounds. You can't enjoy the beach because you're cellulite makes you so self-conscious you can't even be present in the moment. It takes you an eternity to get ready because you have to use 3 different kinds of concealers for your bags and acne marks. Bruh. All that insecurity is exhausting. I know that because I've been there.

 This is when it started getting better in December 2015 and April 2017

This is when it started getting better in December 2015 and April 2017

I was so insecure about my face that I had to spend 45 minutes piling on makeup before I walked out the door or went on Periscope. Now? I'm Foundation-Free. I wear makeup occasionally and have even been to the club with a bare face. I LOVE my skin. Obsessed with it actually. Same thing with my body. I was skinny fat. All bloated and outta shape, wearing waist trainers to keep me snatched. Now I'm snatched in real-life without the extra girdles and foolery. I don't second guess if I'm gonna have a booty-do in my club dress, if my gonna be bloated in my bathing suit, etc. I wear things a million times more confidently. As I've transformed physically, I've also grown as a woman. Here are some of the product that I used.

When you aren't worried about what's wrong with how you look, you can focus on making the best impression. Being self-confident manifests itself in the way you interact with others and the way your carry yourself. It's easy to spot online too. Your self-esteem and the sparkle in your personality make all the difference in how you communicate, negotiate and operate. They all contribute to your executive presence.

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So what is executive presence? It's that wow-factor, charisma, and magnetism that allows you to influence others and be decisive and poised under pressure. But how can you be magnetic when you're too busy picking pimples, hiding back fat, and hoping your wig doesn't slide off because you don't have edges. How Sway!? 

How are the insecurities holding you back from your breakthrough?