[Style Post] Mixed Signals


The last day of summer has come and gone, but clearly I am in denial because I'm still trying to wear shorts. I've worn this outfit twice since I shot it, here and in Dubai, and I am obsessed with mixing prints. It's a trend that I have wanted to try for a while, and I was finally able to find two pieces that worked. If you didn't know, my go-to fashion pieces are all black and white. From my white nails to houndstooth prints and stripes, I am all the way here for that combination. I was laying out pieces for a trip to Atlanta and had pulled these two for two separate outfits, but when I saw them next to eachother, a lightbulb went off. Who doesn't love a fashionable a-ha moment?


Here is what I have learned about mixing prints

The simpler the prints and patterns, the easier they are to mix. Vertical stripes, especially black and white ones, go with absolutely everything and everyone. Why? They are neutral and flattering. As we all know, horizontal stripes make you look wider, so if you want that waist to be snatched, steer clear of those. If you are a thinner like me and are striving to look like you aren't 12 years old. Horizontal stripes are also fair game for you.

When mixing prints you want to be mindful of the colors and the size of the prints. It is all about balance! I mixed stripes with a geometric print because the stripes were small and the print was larger. I also knew that the black and white in the shorts would pair well with the black and white stripes. I love mixing stripes with dots, stripes with florals, and if I ever find the right balance, I want to mix stripes with stripes. I'll be shopping away on Amazon trying to find the right piece. Wish me luck!


Vertical Stripe Shirt (Similar and more fall appropriate)

Geometric Print Shorts

[Style Post] Stay Strapped


I came back from the desert of Dubai, to a not so warm NYC. Blah. To take advantage of the last bit of summer we have left, I decided to pair some my favorite over-the-knee gladiator heels with a few basic pieces. When your accessories are doing the most like mine, a plain jane outfit is just what you need. This purse was clutch (all kinds of pun intended) when I was on vacation. I'm so over the tote bags on my shoulder and the messenger bags wrinkling my shirts. An oversized clutch is the perfect solution when you want to carry your life, but not look bulky.

Over The Knee Gladiator Sandals Over The Knee Gladiator Sandals and oversized floral clutch

Oversized clutch (floral)

(the pictures never do the items justice)

Over the Knee Gladiator Sandals

(I did have to get these custom fitted, because I have no calves. #SkinnyGirlProblems)

High-Low Top | H&M

These pictures were snapped on my tripod with my lovely Canon Power Shot.


[Style Post] Printed Proper


Figuring out how to wear prints to work is an art and a science. Mixing prints is an entirely different skill set I will elaborate on another day. But, prints are an easy way to improve an otherwise boring look. There are only so many work-appropriate silhouettes to choose from. Stepping away from traditional solid colors like black, navy and beige, allow you to express your personal style. When I attend conferences, especially if I am a speaker, I try to wear something that speaks to my personal brand. My goal is always to look credible, but still fashionable, youthful and like a risk taker. A little subtle drama is good for your wardrobe.

Wearing prints to work

Shirt | JCPenny Skirt | Burlington Coat Factory (I know, right!?) Shoes | Betsey Johnson; DSW Flats | Strawberry

I have never been a fan of wearing a a full suit. I like to take pieces from one set and mix it with another. My adorable cousin (who is more like my little brother), happened to be out shopping in Florida and came across a leather and leopard print two-piece set. Naturally, he knows those are my faves, so he got it for me as a gift. What an awesome buy, because that skirt fits perfectly, and what I thought I would be wearing for a night out, has turned into something that I like to wear for professional events.

IMG_0430For professional settings, it's always best to wear prints that have a neutral base, so in this case, my skirt's is off-white. (Since I'm thin, I usually go with prints that have a white base, because I don't want that slimming effect that dark colors provide.) If you have a bright base that's doing too much with a print on top of that, it may end up drawing the wrong kind of attention.

Whether you choose to wear a look like this with flats or heels, the print speaks for itself.


how to wear prints for work


These pictures were snapped on my tripod with my lovely Canon Power Shot.


[Style Post] Heat Survival


The heat waves and humidity this summer have been nothing short of disrespectful, but I'm grateful to not be wearing Ugg boots nonetheless. I have been struggling with figuring out what to wear to work and on the weekends that would allow me to be comfortable, professional, and cool at the same time. Luckily, I have been to Dubai, so if I could survive the desert, I can survive a summer in NYC. IMG_0843

Shirt Dress | Forever 21

I wish I had this shirt dress in every color. The linen doesn't stick to me in the same way cotton would and the circle skirt is so fun to wear. It's a nice change from the form-fitting pencil skirts and dresses. Can we say gone with the wind fabulous?



On this 94 degree day in NYC, I went with my family on a Circleline cruise and got to see the Statue of Liberty and all of the beauty that is the NYC skyline from the Hudson River. There were definitely some things that helped to keep me comfortable and survive the heat in more ways than one.

  1. Curly Hair: Since I didn't have any straight hair to sweat out and obsess over, I really enjoyed the breeze on the cruise and even decided to jump a little for joy.
  2.  Sunglasses: Because squinting causes wrinkles, and botox is expensive.
  3. Moisturizer with sunblock: Being tan is cute, hyper pigmentation and skin cancer is not.
These pictures were snapped on my tripod with my lovely Canon Power Shot.


[Style Post] Split Decisions


I recently read that women usually shop more for office attire. That wasn't surprising because we spend most of our days at work. But, I've found that without a good tailor, a lot of work clothes  just don't fit the same way that casual clothes do. So, I've abandoned the idea of shopping at stores like New York & Co, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and typical places where I would buy business attire. Instead, I have just been using classic pieces that can transition from work to play and vice versa. I hate when I can't find something to wear on a Saturday because all I have are pencil skirts and blazers. I've made it a point to get better at shopping for what I like to call timeless transitional pieces like this maxi skirt that you can wear for work.

Maxi Skirt for Work

Maxi Skirt for WorkPeplum Top | JCPenny

Skirt | H&M Clearance

This maxi skirt is everything you need. It's black - instantly chic. The slit is appropriate, so it's a little party in the front. It's not too tight, so it also remains professional in the back. Although not all maxi skirts are work appropriate, this summer staple can work for the office. Just make sure the fabric isn't that clingy stretchy material we all love for our body con dresses and that the print isn't doing too much.

When you pair it with a peplum top or even a crisp button down, you will look polished and put together. The outfit is already formal enough that you don't need to rely on heels to dress it up. As I mentioned in my first style post, I'm not a fan of wearing heels on the train or carrying them around in my bag. This outfit works with flats and with heels. I bought these huge totes over the weekend, so I'll be sure to do a post about how to wear heels to the office without looking like a bag lady.

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These pictures were snapped on my tripod with my lovely Canon Power Shot.

[Style Post] Killing It In Flats For Work


I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like a lot of style bloggers' fabulous outfits aren't in the slightest realistic for those of us who work full-time in an office. At times, they are super casual or inappropriate, especially now that it's summer. They're even less realistic for those of us who live in metro areas like NYC, DC or Chicago, which my Google Analytics tells me a lot of y'all are from. 👋 Hey Muses! 👋 Welcome to my first style post: killing it in flats for work, because getting on the train in those lovely high-heeled sandals at 8am just ain't happening. I will be publishing style posts weekly focusing on work style, with some casual wear in between. We are aiming for full-time fierce ladies, because you can be professional and fly at the same damn time.


Dress | Necessary Clothing Flats | Aldo

The trick to looking great in flats for the office is to always overdress. Because flats are a casual shoe, we tend to want to dress casual as well, which just ends up depressing our whole look. If you are wearing flats, it's not wise to wear khakis and a simple top. You will look like you're about to make a supermarket run. Dress as if you were going to wear heels: wear a blouse or dress, throw on some lipstick and grab a statement bag to elevate your relaxed look. This is one of my favorite dresses and I've worn it for speaking engagements, weekend outings and even dates. You just can't go wrong with a bold printed wrap dress.

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Pictures were taken with my super affordable camera for bloggers: the Canon Power Shot and tripod. Who has $500 to drop on a camera they aren't sure how to use? Not me! #ThankMeLater