How to Wear Sneakers to Work

How to Wear Sneakers to Work

Wearing sneakers to work should become a thing, especially in places like New York and Chicago, where public transportation dominates. While I drive to the office most days, the comfort of my sneakers always beats any flats, wedges, or heels I can wear. I also have to admit, I feel like my swag is a on a trillion when I have a professional outfit on and a good sneaker. Before we all get carried away, I only own two pairs: my Jordan 11s and some random Nike sneakers for the gym. $280 for some Jordans will never, ever happen again, but I have found a few pairs that will blend in with my work outfits, but still make a statement - in good way. Here are a few that are on my radar

What To Wear To After-Work Happy Hour (+ The Best Happy Hours in Atlanta)

What To Wear To After-Work Happy Hour (+ The Best Happy Hours in Atlanta)

I work as hard as I play, usually. For every 3 weeks that I hibernate working on something for my blog or business, I make up for it when I'm out. You know what I hate though? Feeling like the life of the party, but looking like the obituary. Corporate America can easily suck the life out of any outfit. Good news, all you need is a pencil skirt and a dress shirt to go from Boardroom Betty to the Trap Queen in a matter of seconds. After you leave work, spritz some rosewater on your face, pop some lashes on, then unbutton and untuck that shirt. Tie the shirt at the waist to accentuate your waist and let them hips free. You can easily take your work outfit from day to night with a few adjustments. Atlanta happy hours happen on the low, for some weird law that I didn't bother researching. Thus, finding an after-work drink spot can be quite the hassle. If you're looking for the most affordable Atlanta happy hour specials during the week, I compiled a list of my favorite places. 

Why You Need a Full Skirt In Your Life

Why You Need a Full Skirt In Your Life

I am chronically late everywhere I go. Don't worry, I'm getting better at adulting everyday. It's been quite a journey.  (We have to be honest and realistic with ourselves and others right?) Thus, this doesn't allow for me to spend hours getting dressed, ironing or doing any of the activities other responsible people do. I have found the one clothing item that upgrades any outfit from casual to fabulous in 2.5 seconds is the full midi skirt. Whether I am rushing to a speaking engagement or going to brunch, I can make a t-shirt and some shades look chic with this feminine silhouette and wardrobe staple. 

Style Report: The One Place You Can Find All The Trends for Summer 2017

Style Report: The One Place You Can Find All The Trends for Summer 2017

I’m not sure why more people aren’t obsessed with Amazon fashion. A trillion brands, immaculate search capability, and free two-day shipping and returns with Prime. I mean really y’all, why don’t you shop here? The brands are not just budget-friendly, they move quick and stay on top of the season's biggest trends. So whether you want to shop for staples, or you're looking for an easy and affordable way to try spring and summer’s biggest styles, keep reading. Instagram boutiques have a lot of these styles, for double the price. From bandage dresses to cutout bikinis, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite brands and items that you can find on Amazon to slay this summer. Thank me later.

[Style] Fighting Fall With Color


If you know me, you know I have been trying to move South since 2012. When I was a senior in college, I was plotting to move to Atlanta, Georgia and ended up getting a job in DC instead. I then wanted to move to Miami, and ended up landing my dream job marrying my love for social media and the start-up culture. So here I am, still in New York freezing my behind off. But I just can't take it y'all. I'm not meant for the cold. I've been fighting fall the last 2 weeks or so, because I'm just not ready to let go of summer colors and more importantly, summer vibes. Thus, I'm off to Atlanta tonight until next week, in the hopes of enjoying a few more days 0f 75+ degree weather. (Catch up with me and my shenanigans on Insta.)


Oversized Yellow Tote

Oxblood is all the way in this season, and there are a few items, like this dress, that I have been obsessed with. Super comfortable and an easy way to look like you have it together, even if inside you're falling apart. Struggle Mondays anyone? With no effort or need to iron at all, a fall-colored shift and a bright accessory like this oversized yellow tote, take the hassle out of getting dressed in the morning. #ThankMeLater

Stay tuned for more shots from Atlanta! Let me know what kind of outfit posts you want to see.

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Pop of Color: What to Wear to a Conference


In case you didn't know, conference season is upon us. I published a whole list of the best conferences for entrepreneurs, bloggers and freelancers, and have attended two of them this week alone. The grind is real y'all. I wanted to share what to wear to conferences and why I'm strategic around my outfits to these kinds of large events. The fall tends to be a very busy time because everyone is bouncing back from summer and buckling down for the last quarter of the year. Fall, in addition to the fabulous fashion choices it provides us, is also prime-time networking season. Too many people aren't deliberate about how they communicate their personal brand and executive presence offline, which can cause them to be less impactful. There are some things you should consider next time you're wondering what to wear to a conference event.

Why Your Personal Style Should Communicate Your Personal Brand in What You Wear to Conferences


Your brand should be consistent both online and offline. You cannot be serving face and giving us fun and fleeky on Instagram, but then be dull and unimpressive in person. Keep your personal brand consistent by dressing yourself authentically. Just because it is a more formal professional event, that doesn't mean you need to pull out a full pant suit, complete with kitten heels and a briefcase. The idea of what a professional woman looks like has changed. It's less important to maintain the status quo, and more critical to be consistent in how you communicate your value.

@@Your outfit will speak way before you open your mouth. Here's what to wear to conferences:@@


Compliments are the easiest way to get a conversation started. Whether it is a bright pair of shoes, a metallic tote or a statement necklace, give people a reason to say great things. Not everyone's personal style will be as bold as mine. Think about what that could be for you. Is it a pashmina that you throw on to combat the arctic-level cold in most venues? Consider cool frames for your glasses or a pin that you wear. What better way to easily strike up a non-awkward networking conversation than by receiving a compliment with a smile?

When I attended SHESummit 2015, I wore these bright blue shoes. Throughout the day, women would stop me to tell me they loved my shoes and bag. I used that opportunity to ask their name and what brought them to the event. Give people a reason to approach you.


@@Your Personal Style Should Communicate Your Personal Brand at Conferences. Here's why:@@


I don't know about you, but I go to conferences to make connections. I like to use this time to nurture relationships that started on Twitter and Instagram, or get on the radar of some new contacts. One easy way to win at networking is to capitalize on the networking and lunch breaks by setting up mini meetings. Find like-minded conference attendees via the hashtag(prior to the event) and plan to meet for lunch or between sessions. By wearing a stand out accessory, it will be easy to coordinate with them because they will know how to identify you.  If you rather just wing it, you can easily tweet this on the day of: Hope to have lunch with some ____(adj.) ladies/gents. If you're up for it, find me at______ (meeting place). I've got on blue heels. #ConferenceHashtagHere

Outfit details: Black + White Dress - Necessary Clothing // Electric Blue Pumps - Strawberry // Electric Blue Suede Bag - Strawberry

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Too many people aren’t deliberate about how they communicate their personal brand and executive presence offline, which can cause them to be less impactful. There are some things you should consider next time you’re wondering what to wear to a conference event.

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[Style Post] White is Still Right


We all know that Labor Day is the unofficial death of summer. Yes, I had to get really dramatic just now because I'm a tab bit sad that it's over. Where did the time go? As the bikinis and flip flops get packed away for fall, so do our white jeans and dresses. But why? I wasted a solid 20 minutes of my life trying to find us both an answer while watching Orange is the New Black. Ton of websites and none gave me a clear answer, so I am going to assume someone made it up. I am not ready to put away my white pants just yet. Here is how I fallify them.

IMG_1406In the summer we all like to do the most with bright colors and fabrics. To take these white pants into October, I paired them with neutrals like this black bag, black scarf and brown shirt. Had I went with a brighter colored shirt, the look would of screamed summer. By muting the color palette, this outfit still feels like fall even with the white pants. Now, I also didn't want to go overboard with a chunky sweater or cardigan. Instead, I decided to wear a scarf as a shawl so I could be comfortable with the evening breeze and not look like everyone else.