5 ways to get noticed on Twitter


Detecting dominant online trends is a must for successful brands. Share some valuable content and strengthen your personal brand on Twitter. Here are five top tips on how to expand your personal brand through Twitter and make your voice resonate with its many users.

  1. Go for visuals

This almost goes without saying: visuals are king when it comes to online content, including platforms like Twitter. Lots of people who tweet rely on text only. Why not spice it up and get noticed by adding relevant and fun images to your tweets?

Track Maven recently published a report which makes it clear: tweets with images are almost four times as likely to get retweeted as tweets with no visuals attached. Use visuals with care and you'll see how others will notice what you have to say.

  1. Personalize your retweets

So, you’ve read this amazing blog post and now want to retweet it? To make things easier, you’ll probably use a ‘Tweet This’ widget attached to the post. The problem is, those are usually pre-filled with various things like the article title and author’s name.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to take this retweeting business seriously. Instead of sharing content in this simple way, add something personal to the link. A comment, question or your opinion about the piece will provide the link with context, inviting others to retweet, respond and comment as well.

  1. Show your personality

Don’t be afraid to show who you are and what you think – if you disagree with something others agree on, don’t hesitate to say why. Be clear and friendly. Avoid expressing your opinion in an offensive way. Only by being yourself you can spark a conversation around your tweets and get noticed.

  1. Know what topics are trending and use them

Using popular hashtags to make others notice your tweets is an excellent strategy. Find the hottest discussion topics on the left side of your Twitter page and use them to your advantage. Before adding a popular hashtag to your tweet, do your homework. Get to know what it means and in what context it originated. Hashjacking is easily the best way to keep your tweets relevant to the general Twitter buzz.

  1. Listen, talk and respond

Engaging with others is probably the best way to get noticed. Before you reach out and tweet someone, make sure to have a firm grasp on what people are talking about and what you can add to their conversation that will be of value. Listening to others will create better connections and help you to stay relevant.

Sometimes your Twitter feed might be too cluttered for you to follow – take some time to create separate Twitter lists so you can clearly see the most important people to connect with and focus on doing just that. Aim at engaging with influencers, but don't forget about regular people.

About the Author

Kelly Smith works at CourseFinder, an Australian online education resource. She also provides career advice for students and job seekers and works as a freelance writer.