4 Steps to Begin Developing Your Personal Brand

PictureYour personal brand is crucial to your long-term success and is more vulnerable the younger that you are. The way you brand yourself as you transition into the professional world determines a lot about where you go and what your reputation becomes. Below are four steps that are meant to prompt you to start thinking about your personal brand and view branding as another platform to profit from.

Embrace Differences. Differences are what make us unique and appealing, but it is also what makes you a threat to monotony. Your uniqueness allows you to push boundaries set by others and challenges mediocrity. That “it-factor” that you exclusively posses becomes your competitive advantage, and how you communicate your brilliance and exclusive talents is your branding strategy. You have something that no one else in this world has. What is it? It is comprised of your passions, skills and strengths. Do you know what yours are yet? Show people something they have never seen or experienced before. Revolutionize.

Find Your Purpose. Purpose is also something important when developing your brand. What do you intend to do or accomplish? What are your short-term and long-term goals? The answers to these questions help to shape how you being to position yourself and are essential for profitability and success. A clear goal allows planning and execution to be more focused.  Most people undervalue their expertise instead of utilizing it to build their brands. Share what you have learned with others to become an expert in your industry, because expertise equals opportunity.  Create an environment of perceived value and develop those valuable skills.

Share your struggles.
Everyone struggles and struggles are directly tied to the human condition. Struggles make you relatable and are what help you connect with your audience. By sharing where you have failed and how you have overcome, you are transparent and reliable. We must be confident in telling our own stories about our challenges, success and experiences. Strategy without synergy is nothing. As cliché as it may be, anything and everything can be achieved with hard work. By proving that, you gain more credibility with you desired audience.

Own your online presence.
There are probably hundreds of blog posts present on the internet that tell you how your online image is crucial to your personal brand. To reiterate, what you do online is your business card and professional portfolio in this digital age. An online presence is a strategy to build a profitable branding system. It builds credibility by developing your voice. Your online presence includes  your social media channels, your website, your portfolio, your interaction with others and what others say about you. All of these must be meticulously monitored to ensure that your brand is exactly how you want it to be. Google yourself to make sure that the information that comes up for you is accurate and positive. Sites like Brand-Yourself and your Google + profile are great places to start.