3 Factors That Will Make Your Brand Irresistible


If you are anything like me, you have probably subscribed to a bunch of newsletters and blogs, but only read a handful. I personally am addicted to Marie Forleo's videos, Marshawn Evans' conference calls and Melissa Cassera's emails and blog posts. All of these ladies bring something unique and fun to their brand that I can relate to and admire. They are my mentors in my head. Whether it's their tone and personality, the value they add or just the visually appealing nature of their content, I always find time to engage with their brand. They are truly irresistible. These women have been in business or working for over 10 years and didn't learn this magic over night. It is tempting to get caught up in the "hustle," and forget to continue to build and improve your brand. You may have gotten your website up or finally started blogging, but life happened and chances are your branding could use a little work. Let's face it - you deserve better. Below are three factors that you need to infuse into you personal brand; the same factors that make people fall in love.

1. Chemistry

There is some unexplainable force that attracts us to one person over another. It is something that excites us and ignites some kind of emotion, whether it’s laughter, passion, excitement or even nervousness. Brands should elicit the same kinds of emotions in us whether it's through the way they write and speak, the experiences provided, or the visuals chosen to represent them. It should entice your audience through the senses. Does it look good and sound good?

2. Trust

We all know very well that a relationship without trust is no relationship at all. However, once you are able to wholeheartedly trust someone, the dynamic of your relationship changes forever. In branding, trust is developed through the display of credibility and influence. In order to build with someone, you need to gain their trust, whether they are hiring you as an employee or purchasing your products or service. You need to show that you are trustworthy and will deliver results.

3. Quality Time

When you are interested in someone, nothing stops you from spending time with him or her. The same is true for a brand you love; nothing can keep you away. Time is one of the most precious assets we have, because it is the one that you are unable to get back. We make time for the things and people we find important, and your brand should be one of those priorities for yourself and others. As I explained at the beginning of this post, there are certain brands that I make time for because I know that what they deliver is always high quality and beneficial to me as a business owner. What is your unique value proposition that pulls people into your website or makes them click on your email or link? What are the ways that you continue to conversation with your website visitors? Before you focus on others, you have to spend some quality time with your brand and reflect on your direction and how you can make it better.

In the spirit of love and friendship this month, I wanted to share some insight with you on building an irresistible brand- one that both you and others love. John E Pepper, chairman of P&G said it best. "Passion and love for a brand and its [audience] sustain us. For how can we ever devote our continued highest energy to something if we don't believe in it passionately." Do you have a brand that you are passionate about and love or is it something that is okay for the time being? The secret to getting others to love your brand is to love it first. Take a look at this month's newsletter to download an exclusive resource, only available for our newsletter subscribers, but being offered to our readers this week only.

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About the Author Emmelie De La Cruz  is a personal branding consultant and owner of The Branding Muse, who helps millennials turn their passions into paychecks by attracting the right opportunities. Through her free personal branding resources and brand development services, she’s able to help you get clear on how to create, communicate and manage a personal brand, all while making it feel like you’re talking to a friend. Meet Emmelie on Twitter  or on Google+ and get ready to start building the brand to launch your dreams at thebrandingmuse.com.