Does your business need a Facebook Messenger Bot?

If you've been to my website lately, or even connected with me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I have been using Facebook bots to engage with my audience. Because let's be real, I'm only one person and can't be readily available 24/7. A Facebook bot allows we to hold an automated sales conversation at any time. Now the question is, does your business need a Facebook messenger bot?

Let's be honest, it’s really, really overwhelming when you get the same questions, send the same links, and feel like you have the same conversations over and over again. It's even more frustrating when you feel like you are constantly missing messages and emails from potential customers. You can almost feel the money walking out of your account. 

So, because I'm a solopreneur, I created a Facebook bot to help me with that constant communication and take the load off of me.  So, whether I'm sleeping, busy recording videos, or doing my thing as a business owner, people can get those immediate responses to their questions and find what they're looking for. 

Why You Need a Facebook Bot for Business

If you're considering a bot, I wanted to share when and why a Facebook Bot is good for your business and the three scenarios that you can use them in.

1. Your emails are not being delivered or opened.

Whether your emails are going to the updates or the promotions tab on Gmail, or people are just not opening them even when emails do reach their inbox, a Facebook Bot might be a good option. Reaching out on messenger eliminates the clutter of email boxes and takes you directly to the customer. Now, instead of hoping that they read your email, you are able to cut through the clutter. Facebook messenger open rates are as high as 80%.

2. You need a way to send consistent messages.

I’m actually doing a Go Live challenge that is being hosted on Facebook Messenger. Why? Because I don’t want to send email after email every single day that will annoy someone or be ignored. With a FB bot challenge, I can shoot straight into their inbox, let them know their prompt, and send them on their merry way. It’s a great way to hold people accountable and send out mass messages. This is perfect for network marketers with teams, fitness professionals, coaches, teams, and anyone else who is responsible for engaging and communicating with a group of people. 

3. You want to hack the algorithm.

Facebook Bots have a feature where you can share follow-up messages and broadcasts. Now, you cannot abuse this, but it definitely gives you the option to stay top of mind. If you're feeling like you don't have the same engagement that you used to, then a Facebook Bot might be a great alternative. It gives you the power to place yourself directly in front of your target audience, instead of hoping that your content will be seen on their feed. For example, you can set up an RSS feed, so whenever you publish a YouTube video or blog post, it automatically gets sent to all of the people subscribed to your bot. The cool thing about this is, you can set up the notification, so it doesn’t beep or show up on their screen and bother them. It will just be in there waiting in Facebook Messenger when they log back in.  With this feature, you can avoid being annoying and using push notifications, but still be able to get in front of your audience when necessary and when needed.

Instead of trying to send out newsletters every week or trying to get people to click the link in your bio on Instagram, why not get them to consume your content when they are already on Facebook by sending it directly to them?

If you're interested in building your own Facebook Bot, I have a masterclass showing you how to set up your Facebook Bot for all of these different scenarios. All you have to do is sign up for my masterclass, and I will show you how.  Just click the link down below to get signed up.