This is How I Made $8K Online with Little Work

I know you probably saw the title and were like: “What in the hell? Teach me your ways, Emm!” Well, that's exactly what I plan on doing, but before I dive into the breakdown about how I make money with my personal brand, I need to give you the backstory. Early on in my business, I realized that I hated one-on-one coaching and wanted to make more money without having to be physically present. It was a struggle to have a completely service-based business online with a full-time job as well. I was dying to spend fewer weeknights and weekends on the phone letting people pick my brain. I was over it!

Back in 2013, people would book a session with me and do nothing with what I told them. I was burned out and pissed off. I couldn’t advance as a coach, because nobody was doing the work. (Or maybe I didn’t do a good job to hold them accountable.) Either way, no work = no results, and no results = no success stories. I realized that no matter what you tell somebody, the only way to help them change their circumstances is to empower them with the tools to do it themselves or do it entirely for them.

So that's what I set off to do with my books, classes, and done-for-you services.

I wrote my first book Make Yourself Marketable to transform those hour-long coaching sessions into a tangible step-by-step process that anyone could use to build their personal brand. All of the exercises I went through on the calls, all of the intake forms, all of the questions and the feedback from 2 years of consultation calls came together to become a 186 page guide and workbook. With that book, my consultations became passive. People can buy and complete the book at their leisure without me being required to be present. I made $1100 in one day during Black Friday 2015, and I was hooked! So I started the quest of becoming what's known as an infopreneur (a phrase coined by my friend and boss lady Regina Anaejionu of and eventually an influencer – I lovveeeee working with brands. So after that 4-figure day in 2015, I started selling my systems, shortcuts, and influence, instead of my time.

Fast-forward almost 3 years later, I doubled my income working half the time. Don't get me wrong, I still work hard AF, but I don't hustle for every dollar like I used to. You see, I spend a lot of my time creating the next best thing and working with clients who are clear on their purpose. I spend time creating and delivering, while many entrepreneurs spend their time guessing and trying to figure out do things like blog and get more followers on social media.

So how did I do it exactly? Here's how I spent my time in the month of July.

How to Make Money Online with Your Personal Brand

To promote my products, I did two very important things: built trust with my audience and listened to what they needed. Before I promote and sell, I always share everything I know with my followers aka grow my personal brand. That relationship is what drives them to buy. Too many people forget to build their personal brands and credibility up with their potential customers and then wonder why their sales suck. The time that I spend posting, creating free content, going live, and curating my IG story doesn’t count as work to me, but it’s a big part of relationship-building and a necessary part of business – especially one that is driven by a personal brand.

Because I do the work every single day and not just when I “feel” like it, (yes that was hella shade thrown right there.) I only spent two hours creating graphics to post on social media promoting the products below. I have Canva templates that I use over and over again and a super easy process to plan my content for the entire month in about 15 minutes. I have been posting on Instagram pretty consistently with daily posts on my profile, going live every Friday at 1:30PM EST, and lots of content on my IG story. I show my products at work. I don't tell people how to use them, I show them how to use them and how it will be valuable and helpful to them. I have to be a walking billboard for my products and courses ever day. Not a day goes by that I don't promote something with intention. 

Now onto the breakdown.

I kept getting the same question on my Instagram Lives: How do I create a marketing plan? This recurring theme prompted me to create a solution aka a product: a Trello Board that outlined all of the steps to create a marketing plan. That marketing plan template took me about 3 hours to create at 3AM on a Monday morning. Once it was finished around 6AM, I posted about it on my Instagram Stories and went to bed. That made me about: $1,500 that month.

From that product, I realized people were STILL stuck on actually writing the emails and the copy necessary to get the plan in motion. I started beta testing a new service called, The Profit Process, where I write sales pages and email funnels for you. This service took me about 16 hours to write the sales pages and social media copy for my initial 13 clients and made me about $1,200. To get the initial clients, I emailed a small list of people who had purchased similar products in the past or had downloaded freebies around the same topic. This is why segmentation is so important for your audience. I didn't blast it to my whole list, only the people who I knew were struggling with this very problem. 

I made $1100 from 2 sponsored posts on my blog, which took 4 hours to complete.

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I was still selling my Make Yourself Marketable bundle, masterclasses and digital challenges, and taking in new members for my coaching program $5K in PJs. All of that income was passive and required no additional work from me -- just my daily posts and the email funnels I already had in place from previous months. It produced the remaining $4,200.

Two hours I spent writing my promo emails: my monthly newsletter and two sales emails. Keep in mind however, I have an indoctrination funnel that I wrote 3 years ago that I tweak about once a year. This funnel works to welcome new subscribers and get them acquainted with my content and expertise. The goal is to provide the free information that will get them to the point that they feel comfortable enough to buy from me. Overall the process was: be valuable for free --> get them to trust me --> get them on my email list with a freebie or send them directly to the sales page from social media (posts, lives, IG story, tweets, FB etc.) or my newsletter --> let my sales pages do the selling and my email funnels do the talking. 

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Pretty simple? Too simple? It can be! Business doesn't have to be as complicated as you make it. We tend to overthink, consume, get confused and get paralyzed. Trust me I've been there. I moved away from consuming a ton of freebies all over the Internet and searching for answers outside of myself. Instead, I started mastering the Profit Process, the system to sell and promote anything online consistently. The exact steps I go through every month to generate revenue are in my Profit Planner, and it's the perfect planner for someone who is trying to figure out how to make money online and stay organized in the process.