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Get your business together in 90 minutes without the foolery or fluff.

Various in-person and virtual slots available


Before we get too far, the investment is $497. So let’s get that out the way, so you’re not reading and scrolling, only to find out it’s not in the budget right now.

Now onto the good stuff.

Why work with me?

Ever wondered if you could finally get your systems and funnels together to make real money online? But not just with any business, an operation that provides balance and sanity in your life? 

The whole Internet has been trying to convince you that more courses and classes are the way, but if you don’t implement the information and craft a plan from the program then you might as well save your coins. How many modules and masterclasses are collecting dust on your computer unimplemented?

If there are so many solutions that show you how to “build a 6-figure business,” “take your side hustle full-time,” and “monetize your brand” etc. – why isn’t everybody making money then!?  I’ll wait.

Three words: Implementation. Execution. Accountability. 

What most online programs can’t offer you.

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So that’s where I come in with the 90-Minute Mastermind.

This private session is where you and I knock out the strategy and game plan for your system. You probably have these same questions. Each session can be focused on one of the following:


How do I run and operate a business like a CEO, not a freelancer, and maximize my time and efforts for most profit?

Deliverable? Business Plan and New Standard Operating Procedures


How do I package, position and sell this amazing thing in an automated, strategic way? What do I need to do to launch and hit my revenue goals?

Deliverable? Complete funnel audit, including copy OR a brand new funnel planned and copy outlined.



How do I make money online? What should I sell and how do I use my personal brand to do it with a small following and no prior experience?

Deliverable? Business Model, Revenue Map and Content Plan

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In person session will be scheduled around the client. We nail down a time together.

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How do we know you’re legit Emmelie? Glad you asked!

Well outside of me living my best life, while running a business and retaining my edges and 7 hours of sleep:

· I side hustled for 5 years, so I know how to manage time + processes.

· I replaced my salary while side hustling using my personal brand to create multiple streams of passive income.

· As of September 2018, my business already crossed the 6-figure mark* because I have the right systems in place to get me paid WITHOUT being a content factory or running Facebook ads.

· I manage a team of 5 out of my Atlanta office, including one which is full-time and salaried.

· Planning and strategy are my best friends, as I’ve already put together my business plan for 2019.

· Have written over 100 sales pages in the last 12 months and launched over 25 clients from scratch.

*(This revenue doesn’t include my affiliate income, book royalties, brand partnerships or speaking engagements.)

Book an upcoming slot below

In person session will be scheduled around the client. We nail down a time together. 

Meeting Location:
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frequently asked questions


what if I have questions before booking?

You can schedule a discovery call here.

RETURN POLICY: CAN I get a refund?

Refunds will only be provided within 24 hours or purchase. After session, no refund will be available.

what should I bring?

Bring your laptop, a pen/pencil, and if you sell a product bring that too.


Anything that you’re comfortable in. We are getting to work, not to take pictures for Insta.