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Transform your brand into a business in 6 weeks

Enrollment is now open for a *very* limited time. 


All this sh*t is holding you back.

The job that you don't really like

The to-do list that's full of things that will never make you money online

The stress of trying to be the best friend, sibling, parent, spouse

The fear of doing the work, trying your hardest, and still failing

The disappointment of wasting money on generic "strategies" because you saw an income report or a screenshot of someone's revenue

The frustration of feeling invisible regardless of how hard you've tried to brand yourself online

You're overwhelmed and unproductive causing you not to make the money that you want in your business or side hustle. All the podcasts, courses, ebooks, worksheets, videos, blog posts, and brain-picking sessions haven't made much of a difference. Listen, you have Google fatigue. You are ingesting a whole bunch of information without ever implementing it or developing a plan.

How would it feel to...

  • Have your followers reaching out to you asking how they can work with you. 
  • Make sales consistently online every time that you post.
  • Be compensated for the time and energy you spend creating and sharing with others. 
  • Use your influence to build your income.


That's where Hobby to Business comes in. 


There are 2 things you need to turn you hobby into a business: a business model and a marketing plan. (You'll have both at the end of our six weeks together.)


Does this sound familiar?

  • Struggling with creating an income from your influence online.
  • Working on building a brand, but it hasn't turned into a real business, yet.
  • Feeling like you're wasting your time, while other people cash out and pass you by.
  • Constantly wondering what you're doing wrong, because "passion," your "brand," and "clarity" aren't getting you results. 

If "Content is king." and branding is so important, why isn't every blogger, influencer and content creator making money online? 

Spoiler alert: Everyone wants additional income, but few have had the tools, grit, knowledge, and the plan to do so. Until now.. 

Hobby to Business teaches you the systems you need to implement, the strategies you need to prioritize, and gives you the encouragement you need to execute so you can make your next $1000 online. 

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The 6-week online audio program that will walk you through the process of building a business and making your next $1000 online.


all the details

Timing and the curriculum

Week 1: Select your income streams
- Select your income streams based on your social media persona & lifestyle
- Complete your business model and map out your next $1000 online

Week 2: Attract potential customers
- Develop a visibility plan so you can get more eyes on less content.
- Learn how to develop your influence online so you can sell anything

Week 3: Infuse the art of persuasion into your online brand
- Understand the different methods to make sales with each income stream
- Polish your website, landing pages, and social media to sell for you 24/7
- Draft your content using the SOS Method and turn every post into sales

Week 4: Turn clicks into customers
- Set prices that are no-brainers for your audience
- Learn how to use email funnels, ads, and collaborations to sell

Week 5: Design You Sanity Systems
- Learn how to run your new business without losing your mind
- Master prioritizing so you stop feeling like you're dropping the ball

Week 6: Develop your Master Plan
- Create a marketing plan for the year to eliminate confusion



6 weeks of step-by-step video lessons,  tech tutorials, templates & guides to master monetizing your influence and developing viable income streams.

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After each training module, you’re invited to complete an assignment to ensure that you are building your plan each and every week. 


Registration for the next Hobby to Business cohort closes on Friday at midnight EST. You will receive access to the introductory module immediately upon registering and the 1st module on August 6th.

Before joining this program, I was all over the place. I had recently transitioned from program and evaluation consulting for nonprofits/government, and I was looking to re-brand my consulting services. However, I couldn’t figure out how to tie my interests and core expertise (wealth-building, science of happiness and integrative healthy psychology) into one cohesive brand in order to repackage and relaunch. In less than 90 days, I have moved from hemming and hawing to planning and executing. With Emm’s coaching, masterclasses and motivation, I moved from my small, local client-base (which I stopped accepting clients from while I “figured things out”) to developing and launching a website a blog and a cohesive brand (Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy). Emmelie is truly gifted in being able to work with you at any stage — I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds!
— Elle Mason
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Learn how to bring the Hobby to Business Formula to life with these fool-proof templates to launch your next product or service with ease. Templates include:

  • Two 10-part sale page templates to write copy that turns clicks into customers every.single.time.

  • 5 launch email campaign emails (includes the exact product launch sequence that has made five-figures in a few days)

  • 25+ launch and sales specific email subject that will get your emails opened and read

  • Sales script that will have your clients ready to hand over their credit card at the end of any consultation call

  • Canva Template with the exact outline that the experts use to develop a sales-producing launch webinar

  • And a video to show you how to maximize all of these




In addition to these practical step-by-step resources you will also have the opportunity to engage in feedback with from me and your peers in our members-only Facebook group. In order to keep the cost of the program low, there is no group coaching component or calls, but I will be available to answer questions in the group.

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why Me?

I used to be you. Daydreaming at my desk about my business + blog.

Once I mastered running my business in my pajamas, I started to live my daydream.  In 2016 I made $40,000 selling an $18 book, $15 email challenge, and working sporadically with brands. For someone who had a full-time job and worked about 15 hours a week on my business, that's a pretty good salary in my opinion. How was that possible? I used my influence to build my income. I want to help you do the same thing.

Hobby to Business is a culmination of all the mistakes and accomplishments I’ve experienced in almost 7 years in running my own business, and 6 years in the corporate world in marketing and content development roles.

After I got clear on monetizing my audience, followers, and influence a few things happened:

- BILL-PAYING MONEY: I replaced my monthly salary with passive income streams and worked with brands more consistently.

- SHUT DOWN THE CONTENT FACTORY: I stopped blogging, recording and creating as much and streamlined my sales process to require less work. 

- PREMIUM CLIENTS LINED UP: Entrepreneurs I admired were reaching out to me to run their marketing, because they saw I had a clear process, unique framework, and specific package. 

- EXPLOSIVE SOCIAL GROWTH: No more fighting with the Instagram algorithm trying to become popular. Honing in on my attraction strategy boosted my followers, increased my engagement, and landed me on the explore page over and over again. 



A side hustler who wants to turn your hobby into a business, but you just can't seem to figure out the "how."

An entrepreneur who is struggling to get people to listen, show up, and buy.

A go-getter who can dedicate 2-3 hours per week to complete assignments.

An influencer who has a large following, but no way to monetize that following.

A humble person who is going to give up overthinking and their self-defeating mindset for the next 6 weeks.

An expert wanting to self-publish a book, course, or program, but clueless on how to use that as a platform to generate more income.



You’re Protected With MY
100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I'm confident that if you do the work, you’ll be having lightbulb moment after a-ha moment and get business-changing results from this experience. Because I know this, I'm happy to back that up with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Take the first module, and if you're unhappy you get a refund, no questions asked.