All this sh*t is holding you back.

The job that you don't really like

The to-do list that's full of things that will never make you money online

The stress of trying to be the best friend, sibling, parent, spouse

The fear of doing the work, trying your hardest, and still failing

The disappointment of wasting money on generic "strategies" that didn't apply to you

The frustration of feeling invisible regardless of how hard you've tried to brand yourself

The sad truth about all this is...

You're overwhelmed and unproductive. All the podcasts, courses, ebooks, worksheets, videos, blog posts, and brain-picking sessions haven't made much of a difference. Listen, you have Google fatigue. You are ingesting a whole bunch of information without ever implementing it. That's where $5K in PJs comes in. 


You can build a successful business, before and after work.

I did. Let me show you how to make $5K A Month in your PJs.


$5K in PJs teaches you the systems you need to implement, the strategies you need to prioritize, and gives you the encouragement you need to execute. 

Get the accountability and mentorship to learn new practices, stay on track and achieve your goals

Learn to collaborate with other in order to grow your brand faster, with less work

Know exactly what you need to prioritize each and every week to grow your brand and business

Stop feeling overwhelmed and create a routine that will allow you to generate revenue in your pajamas

You can do it yourself or we can do it together. 


The Coaching Investment

July: Passive Income


August: Sales

WEEK 1: Profit Margins
WEEK 2: CApturing Leads
WEEK 3: Sales STrategies
WEEK 4: Growing Social Media

September: Growth

WEEK 1: Diversification
WEEK 2: Product creation
WEEK 3: partnerships
WEEK 4: Social media ads


Enrollment is on a rolling basis. You can sign up whenever you are ready. No deadlines or cut off dates.

Enrollment does not include the DIY bundle below. Group coaching is a separate product. 

The DIY Investment

Make Yourself Marketable: The Bundle
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Before joining group coaching, I was all over the place. I had recently transitioned from program and evaluation consulting for nonprofits/government, and I was looking to re-brand my consulting services. However, I couldn’t figure out how to tie my interests and core expertise (wealth-building, science of happiness and integrative healthy psychology) into one cohesive brand in order to repackage and relaunch. In less than 90 days, I have moved from hemming and hawing to planning and executing. With Emm’s coaching, masterclasses and motivation, I moved from my small, local client-base (which I stopped accepting clients from while I “figured things out”) to developing and launching a website a blog and a cohesive brand (Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy). Emmelie is truly gifted in being able to work with you at any stage — I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds!
— Elle Mason

why Me?

I used to be you. Daydreaming at my desk about my business + blog.

Once I mastered running my business in my pajamas, I started to live my daydream.  In 2016 I made $40,000 selling an $18 book, $15 email challenge, and working sporadically with brands. No expensive coaching programs or overpriced online courses. Just affordable products for the everyday person who wanted to build their brand.  For someone who had a full-time job and worked about 10 hours a week, that's a pretty good salary in my opinion. So what changed? I used my influence to build my income. 


I'm Emmelie De La Cruz, personal branding strategist and marketing automation specialist. In English, all that means that I help everyday people make more money doing less work by monetizing who they are. You can build a brand without a business, but you can't build a business without a brand. I've spent the last 6 years building trust between my clients and their customers in Corporate America. I want to help you do the same thing. Will you join us?


The $5K in Pjs 90 Day Coaching Program


Weekly group coaching sessions over the next 3 months on Mondays at 9PM EST

Monthly training with sought-after experts in sales, marketing and public relations

A hub full of videos, trainings, checklists and worksheets in our online community

A personalized 90-day brand-building plan to achieve your goals

Access to me and your fellow hustlepreneurs 24/7


Enrollment is on a rolling basis. You can sign up whenever you are ready. No deadlines or cut off dates.

I co-founded and have been running a non-profit organization for the last six (6) years and it wasn’t until recently that my best friend/partner and I decided that what we do is important and it needs a level up! We aid in the personal development, empowerment and growth of teenage girls and group coaching couldn’t have come at a better time.

Emmelie’s hands-on approach to coaching; her ability to connect to all of us on a personal and group level as well as offer her insights are invaluable. In our most recent Masterclass, she assisted me with website clean up and not just any clean up! She went through each tab, line by line with suggestions, improvements and strategies! I am utterly thankful to her for being so transparent and real and being someone who I know supports me in my entrepreneurial endeavors!
— Automne Bennett