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Access the 10 tools I use to create my poppin' social media content - which gets me paid every time I post. 


When my side hustle made $40,000...

I was selling an $18 book, a $15 email challenge, and working with brands as an influencer. I was dying to make more money, and thought I needed time, followers, and a huge email list to make it happen. When I made part-time what people make in a year, a lightbulb went off, and I’ve been positioning others to make themselves living, breathing, marketing machines ever since. Because we all are.

The truth is...

Your whole life can be a business, if you have the model and the marketing to make it happen.


Imagine going on vacation, a date, the gym or any other everyday activity and your life start to pay for itself.

You're probably wondering how that's possible. Well, there is a specific, repeatable methodology for monetization. It's not complex, but it takes lots of trial and error to master alone. Honestly, it took me a few years, because like you, I had no idea how influential I really was. Today, I know what it takes to make a living online - without a trillion followers or complicated, overpriced programs that suck the life out of you. 

Every day I see people on social media make crucial mistakes that turn customers away and leave money on the table. I'll show you how to change all that. Scroll down and sign up for my training  – it’s free!

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Learn the strategy I used to replace my corporate salary with a small list, no plan, and few followers.

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Kind Words

My clients and customers are the reason I get to wake up everyday and do what I love. Here's what they say.


Meet the Profit planner™

Hey! I’m Emmelie De La Cruz, lovingly known as Emm in these internet streets. After getting laid off twice, I decided to take the revenue-generating skills I learned at work, and teach those methods to the everyday person. So I created #HobbytoBusiness™, an online course that teaches you to develop a fail-proof business model and marketing strategy to make your next $1000 online. When I'm not teaching, I'm working one-on-one with clients, handling all marketing for their launches over at the Revenue 15 Agency.

I’ve been an online marketer in the technology space for almost 10 years and helped personal brands, small businesses, influencers, and network marketers develop their profit process. Nothing gets me more excited than to see my clients become confident in their business and stack this money stress-free.

I'm Basically Mr. Krabbs, in human form. I Love Money!

I'm Basically Mr. Krabbs, in human form. I Love Money!

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Here's how you make your next $1000 online.

Watch Monetize Your Influence: the tell-all webinar where I share the formula I used to triple my income and sell anything and everything online. 


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